Happy Sunday!
Thank you to those of you who continue to support our small business to ensure we can remain operational once all of this is over. These are certainly unprecedented times, and knowing we are part of a community that needs us is what keeps us sane and focused on ensuring we can reopen when the time allows – while investing in the necessary products to meet safety standards.
 We know this is a difficult time for many of you, and for some - workouts may be less intense, or not happening at all. Remember, something is always better than nothing – and moving your bodies for just 20-30 mins a day can go a long way.
 If you find yourself having not worked out in 12 weeks and need some help getting started again, please reach out to any of us – we want to help find a way to get you back into positive habits and feeling good. We may not be able to connect in person, but there are many tools available to us that will allow us to support you virtually.
With that, we wanted to share our virtual class schedule for this week.
Monday, June 1 – 12pm CrossFit Class, 7pm ROMWOD
Tuesday, June 2 – 4pm Kids Class
Wednesday, June 3 – 6:30am CrossFit Class, 7pm ROMWOD
Thursday, June 4 – 12pm Kids Class, 1:30pm CrossFit Class
Friday, June 5 – 1:30pm CrossFit Class, 3pm ROMWOD
If you’ve been on the fence, or are overdue for moving your body, block off the hour in your calendar NOW! Join us.
Kids class links are below.

Tuesday Kids class: https://zoom.us/j/98650026299?pwd=Y1I5RWtMVVF4eGIzcFQyRGdhbHI0QT09
Meeting ID: 986 5002 6299
Password: 486896

Thursday Kids Class: https://zoom.us/j/95304845229?pwd=a094Z01PWkR2RVFMS1cxK1NKMlZKdz09
Meeting ID: 953 0484 5229
Password: 724224

Have a great week,
Laura, Dan and the CFB Team

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