Our preliminary re-opening plan for Bradford Strength and Conditioning can be found below.
While we recognize that some of these policies may create an inconvenience, please understand their need to ensure we prioritize the health and safety of all members and staff.
This period has brought significant change to our business operations, and we appreciate your patience with us as we continue to work through how to navigate these challenging times.
We are thrilled that so many of you took advantage of borrowing our equipment. Once we reopen, we will require all equipment to be returned prior to our opening day so that it can be cleaned, inspected, and inventoried.
We will be announcing equipment return opportunities once we have a better sense of dates. Per our loan agreement, any equipment that has been damaged or is not returned during these windows will be charged at full cost to the borrower, as we will need to replace the items to resume operations.
Based on member survey results, we anticipate 60-65% of our pre-COVID membership will return to the gym when we reopen. In light of this, and the need for additional time between classes for enhanced cleaning protocols, we have adjusted our class schedule. The group CrossFit class is noted as S+C below.
As we adapt to our new policies and when membership numbers recover, we will aim to add more class times to reflect our pre-COVID schedule as closely as possible.

9:30AMS+CS+CS+CS+CS+C9:00 AM S+C
Noon S+C S+C  

In order to follow cleaning protocols, personal training sessions will only be offered outside of class time, and will continued to be booked by appointment.
It will be MANDATORY for all clients to sign up for classes through ZenPlanner. We will be allowing class registration up to 7 days in advance. Our existing class “no-show” policies will remain in place.
In order to ensure proper social distancing, we will be limiting all group classes to 11 athletes.
At re-opening time, we will not be running our KidsFit or MiniFit Classes.
We ask that you arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of class, and do not enter the gym until you are invited to do so. While you will be parking in the back of the gym, we ask you enter through the front door only.
Upon entering, the coach on duty or a member of BSC staff will take you through your “scrub in” process which involves:

  • Hand washing/sanitizing
  • Temperature check
  • Symptom screening
  • Designation of ‘WOD Box’ and set up for WOD 

You will only be permitted to bring what you require for the workout into the gym. Please come to the gym dressed in your workout attire. 
It is imperative that you arrive on time for class. If you are late, you will not be allowed to join the class.
Should you need any additional equipment during the workout, DO NOT get it yourself. Simply ask the Coach for what you need, and they will get it for you.
At the end of the workout you will be asked to clean all equipment you have used with the cleaning supplies provided in your WOD box. Once you have finished wiping down your equipment, you must exit the gym through the back door.
In accordance with social distancing, we will not be allowing the use of communal chalk buckets, the communal water fountain, or the change rooms or showers.
The main floor bathroom will be closed, and we will only be using the upstairs washrooms, which will contain cleaning supplies for you to wipe down your touch points. These will also be cleaned by our team regularly.
In addition to all equipment being wiped down after each use, Coaches will be cleaning the floors between each class. We will also be increasing the frequency in which the entire facility is cleaned and sanitized.
At this time, we ask that you do not bring your children into the gym until we gain further clarity on these new processes. Our front lounge will be closed during our initial reopening, and we are unable to control touch points when children are in the facility.
If you are feeling under the weather, do NOT come to the gym. We will also be encouraging our staff to do the same.
If you have recently been tested for COVID-19 or been around someone who has COVID-19 please do NOT come to the gym until you are certain you are negative. We also ask that you notify a staff member as soon as possible.
If you have any questions on these policies, please do not hesitate to contact Dan and I directly.

We are looking forward to the day we can reopen, and hope you are too.

Laura and Dan

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