In an attempt to keep this all in one place, here is EVERYTHING you need to know about reopening.
If you do not wish to read the whole thing, that's up to you. Here's what we need to know from you today:
1. Are you returning?
2. Do you need any changes to your membership?
You will be responsible for any changes to your membership.
All on-hold memberships will be turned on as of Monday, July 20.
If you cancelled your membership during the closure and wish to return, you will not have access to ZenPlanner and will need to contact us to have it reactivated.
If we do not hear from you we will assume you do not want to make any changes to your membership.
We have two opportunities for you to return your borrowed equipment.
Wednesday, June 15 10am-12pm
Sunday, June 19 9:30am-11am
As per the loan agreement, any equipment that has been damaged, or is not returned during these windows will be charged at full cost to the borrower as we will need to replace the items ASAP.
For details on memberships, inclusions, class times, and protocols, keep reading.
All memberships that were in place prior to our closure will be honoured. If any time is left on the membership prior to the hold, you will get that time immediately. Any leftover funds from your online membership will be applied to your next billing cycle.
All changes to your membership must be provided in writing via email.
We will continue to book classes through ZenPlanner. You will now be able to see classes from July 20 on. We will work hard to make sure everyone can access these classes as soon as possible.
We will be starting off conservatively with our schedule. We ask for a lot of grace and patience as we learn how to navigate this and truly understand what everyone needs.
Based on our survey, we know that our membership volume will decrease from before. The reality is, we do not know exactly how much our membership base will change.
We are a family run facility and all of our coaches have families of their own. We have all experienced massive change with COVID-19 particularly with children home full time. We work to ensure we have all classes covered, but please be patient with us over these first weeks as we work to re-establish this new normal while prioritizing our families.
As per our previous reopening protocol email, only the upstairs bathrooms will be open for use. The downstairs change room will remain closed although the shower upstairs will be open.
We ask that you please wipe the surfaces down after use. A sanitization station will be provided in each washroom.

For all class protocols, please refer to our reopening protocol email from June 25.
Please reply to this email and let us know:
1. If you are returning
2. If you'd like any changes to your membership

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Laura, Dan and the BSC Team!

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