Well, that was fun….!  We’re all back at it now, and most of us are trying to figure out how to make what we’re doing now feel the same as what we were doing 5 months ago.  The reality is, this is different, and that’s okay. 

Our community has become a more intimate group at this stage, and while we’re all excited about getting back into some fitness, there comes a certain level of caution to go along with that.  How we run classes is different.  The number of people in class is smaller.  The cleaning procedures and responsibilities of members have increased dramatically.  The group warm ups, high fives and crowding around each other for support have all vanished due to the current state of our province.  And that’s okay. 

This is new for each and every one of us now.  We all have a chance to regroup, reset and re-engage within our community of fitness.  This community is now Bradford Strength and Conditioning – a new chapter in the business and a fresh start for all of us.  This means that we all need to remind ourselves that where we are currently is okay.  Some of us – myself included – didn’t do as much exercising as we may have liked or would have if there weren’t restrictions on so many aspects of our daily lives.  We need to be okay with where we’re starting from NOW, not assume we can jump back to where we were 5 months ago.  This will get better and so will we. 

Our staff is committed to ensuring that each athlete still receives the same level of support, encouragement and development as they always have – although you may find yourself being poked and prodded from 6 feet away with a PVC pipe instead of one of us being right beside you…!  Your safety and that of your family when you leave our facility is also paramount in our community so please know that all the extra entry/exit procedures, temperature taking, wipe downs, sanitizing, and time between classes for cleaning is all with your health in mind. 

We want to thank you all for your support for our community as well as your patience while we all try to figure this out.   We were “stronger together” before all of this, and we’ll stay that way through it all.

Glad to be back.

Keep moving, keep growing, keep learning.

See you at work.


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