Whatever your goals are, we're here to help you achieve them.


Group Class

Our Functional Fitness classes are designed to combine strength, endurance, and gymnastics mixed in many combinations and patterns. Every day is different, and you'll never be bored. 



When it comes to achieving a specific goal, nothing beats personal training. Whether your goal is to pass a physical, sports specific, or focused on general fitness, our coaches will develop a program unique to you. Personal training sessions are one-on-one and scheduled at your convenience.


This 45 min cardio conditioning program is designed to get your heart rate up, get you sweating, and having FUN! No heavy lifting, just sleds, hammers, battle ropes, and high fives.



This program is mandatory for members who are new to our CrossFit programming, and a great refresher for athletes who have been away from our style of training. Foundations teaches you the basic movements we use and will prepare you for group class.



Our kids class is designed to facilitate FUN in fitness. Whether your child is an athlete or an introvert, both programs will keep them moving and connecting in a way that staring at a computer screen and sitting all day just canít.



 Our Diapers and Dumbbells program is a great way for new moms to get back into fitness in a safe, and supportive environment. Contact us directly to learn more about upcoming sessions.



You can't out exercise a bad diet. We offer one-on-one personalized nutrition coaching with your specific goals in mind. Nutrition coaching is based on the principles of flexible dieting, and includes a unique macronutrient protocol, goal setting, accountability and 24/7 coach support.


Composition Scans

Look beyond the scale with the InBody 270 composition scanner. In 20 seconds we can measure details about your body such as: your strength and muscle mass, body fat, and your water weight. We will also be able to track your progress! The InBody prints out your results for you, so you can discuss areas that you would like to improve on with one of our coaches!

Prices for InBody:

  • 1x $45+HST for members
  • 1x $55+HST for non-members
  • 4x/year (recommended every 3 months) $150+HST
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